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Kirwen's Supermarket


..................In the ♥ of Gibsonburg................

We’re Hiring carryout positions!

We are hoping to find people who can work flexible hours for long term.

If interested, please fill out an application and return it to us!

Soups will return in the Fall!

Try These for Lunch!

Monday - Italian Sub & Store Made Taco Pasta

Tuesday - Salad with Chopped Chicken & Cantaloupe Chunks

Wednesday - Club Wrap & Pea Salad

Thursday - Egg Salad Croissant & Veggie Pasta Salad

Friday - BBQ Pork Sandwich & Store Made Macaroni Salad

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BONUS Meat Sales!

Kirwen's Bulk Chorizo Sausage - $3.09/lb.

Family Pack Ground Beef - $3.59/lb.

Store Made Bulk Sausage- $2.99/lb.

Family Pack Bone In Breast - $1.59/lb.  Regular Pack $1.69/lb.

Store Made Brat Patties - $3.39/lb.

Pork Spare Ribs - $2.39/lb.

Baby Back Ribs - $6.99/lb.


Store Made BBQ Pork - $5.99/lb.

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